Breakin' Out

by Glimmermen

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Glimmermen return with their second album “Breakin’ Out” on Transduction Records. The nine track album finds the band embellishing the core guitar/bass/drums line-up of their debut with brass arrangements – the result is a more accessible album, while still retaining the distinctive cutting edge of their live shows.

Recorded at The Meadow in Wicklow by The Deaf Brothers (Rian Trench & Robert Watson) at the beginning of 2016.

"A refreshingly optimistic album bursting with real heart and instant, carefully-considered songwriting" - The Thin Air

"Amid the cracked grooves and blasts of brass, songs such as the excellent, evocative Ragged City paint a more reflective, downbeat picture... a concise collection, but there is plenty of eating and drinking in it ****" - Irish Times

"Taut percussive shouty pop from the Dublin quartet, who spice a springy ambience and apocalyptic caveat with added brass stabs, that sees them homing in on the three chords that would change the world." - Eamonn Carr The Herald


released June 17, 2016

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glimmermen Dublin, Ireland

"Glimmermen are a different sort of band. In a sea of Spector-like indie landfill fodder they wear their honesty & integrity on their black sleeves with a sound that goes straight to the heart. Glimmermen know exactly the sound they want to make & that's something we want to hear". Le Cool Magazine Dublin ... more

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Track Name: Be Careful

I get up
I get down
to business
to making way
i ran out
of ball point pens
keep taking
them for a lend
material concerns are few
and too far between my ears
dizzy spells and fizzy pills
are starting to rule my world

My keyboard
is my skateboard
might smash it
up one of these days
my fingers
won't walk so good
when they get
broken like wood
applications never work
when you get
driven berserk
there is a word
that's seldom used
and leaves me
a bit confused..

Be Careful
just what you wish for
you might get it all at last
phrases like quantatitive easing
make me smile as i go passed
am i here? or am i floating?
like a bubble someone blew
up and up I go on climbing
'til i pop and fall on you
Track Name: BANG

Hold on, found a space for a season
it's a fifth one where theres days and theres nights without end
Hold on, no particular reason, gonna put it next to summer
and when the leaves start to fall

Don't understand theses directions at all
My language skills wait with a fork and a spoon
Stare out the window at the old town falling down
Hold up my hands stake my claim to the moon

I just want be free tonight
Dance with you 'til the morning light
Everythings gonna be alright
Light the fuse in this dynamite
I don't wanna hear words collide I don't wanna see no divide
Everything gonna be alright
Light the fuse in this dynamite

Bring me back to earth
Bring me back to earth
For what it's worth it.. would be with a bang

With a bang